Andy Jones

Director of Business Applications



"Andy Jones is a staffing and employment technology leader with extensive experience in optimizing workflows. He currently serves as the Director of Business Applications at Medix, where he manages a diverse portfolio of business applications. Andy is responsible for evaluating talent supply and lead generation platforms, aligning resources efficiently, and enhancing user experiences. His expertise includes demoing new products, designing pilot projects, coordinating deployments, and negotiating vendor contracts. Andy's career encompasses roles as a Business Applications Manager, Data Management Analyst, Systems Support Analyst, and Recruitment Advisor in information technology. Andy's background as a technical recruiter and his leadership role in the IT division provides valuable insights into staffing challenges and opportunities. He studied marketing, sales, data analysis, and management at the Kelley School of Business. Andy Jones's experience and leadership make him a valuable participant in discussions about the importance of quality in staffing and how it can differentiate staffing agencies. "

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