Edwin Jansen

Chief Steward & CEO


Fuse Cooperative

"Edwin Jansen is the Chief Steward and CEO of Fuse Cooperative, the staffing industry's first and only platform cooperative. Fuse acquired the Gustav sub-vendor VMS and is legally structured as a Limited Cooperative Association, which means that the staffing industry's largest platform for sharing jobs and candidates is now cooperatively owned by the staffing firms and independent recruiters who are Fuse members. The purpose of Fuse is to facilitate specialization & cooperation in the staffing industry, where everyone in staffing can do what they do best, and Fuse for the rest. Before founding Fuse, Edwin was the Head of Corporate Development for Raise, a $300M staffing firm who is a certified B-Corp social enterprise, and one the world's largest self-managing companies, with 500 employees and no bosses. For 11 years Edwin played the entrepreneurial futurist role at Raise by creating new offerings that reduce barriers to employment and better connect people in meaningful work. Before entering the staffing industry, Edwin spent 12 years in the technology sector, leading corporate marketing for one of North America’s largest technology providers. In partnering with all the leading technology players, and selling enterprise IT solutions to clients, Edwin developed many successful sales and marketing campaigns that are transferable to IT staffing. Edwin’s passion is to help create a world where most people love their work. And that’s what he believes will happen if more organizations empower their employees, and more people adopt the principles of self-management."

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