Hamish Stephenson

Founder & CEO



"Hamish, the Founder & CEO of Selr.io, is revolutionizing the recruitment, recruitment tech, and SaaS industries with a decade of sales expertise. Hamish's leadership skills shine as he builds and scales sales teams at multinational organizations. Driven by his passion, Hamish founded Selr.io to restore the human element to sales training and recruitment. Combining sales training and recruitment, Selr.io elevates the industries. Hamish envisions a future where every sales professional excels. Recognized as a thought leader, Hamish's achievements shape the future of sales enablement. In his spare time, he explores new ideas, embraces technology trends, and mentors emerging sales talents, sharing his entrepreneurial spirit. Hamish's passion, expertise, and dedication transform the sales landscape through Selr.io. In just 12 months, he has turned Selr.io into an overnight success. Since founding Selr.io, Hamish has been included in the LDN 40 under 40, recognized by Linkedin as one of their coveted Sales Insiders, and endorsed by multiple high-end tech companies as a Strategic Advisor."

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