Sameer Mehta

CEO & Managing Director, Multiplier Brand Solutions


Board Member, Indian Staffing Federation

"“Early rising not only gives us more life in the same number of years, but adds more experiences too. If I wake up to see that its light out already then It scares me that the world has started without me” Says Sameer. The freshness of early start gives him energy not only to stay in shape but also keeps him fresh the entire day, week, month and years. The only thing that sets him apart from the rest is the consistency in what he believes and in what he does. This consistency has helped him to establish Multiplier from scratch which was an offshoot of Kidstuff Promos and Events and then managed Multiplier’s transition into DDB Mudra Group where he headed Tracylocke till he managed to establish current Multiplier to be the best shopper insight led point of buying solution company of India and build people and It is said that who once work with him tend not to leave or come back to be a part of the freshness again. Speed thrills Sameer and never misses an opportunity to fly low on his bike or in his SUV. His life is like a Cinderella Man - He is a complete family man finding enough time to spend some beautiful moments with his family but when in the ring he fights strong no matter what the situation is. In Multiplier, as a CEO and the Managing Director – Sameer has set high standards as far as process and business deliverables are concerned. The next move is to create a platform in Indian Retail segment which automates the entire process that can help Connect Shoppers to Brand"

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