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At Datum Software, we offer complete IT solutions and comprehensive IT services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. We provide innovative strategy and solve problems, while offering new opportunities for our clients through specifically tailored solutions that combine technology and thought leadership. While most companies offer part of a solution, we add value by providing fully integrated end-to-end solutions that lets clients focus on their core competencies. We take a holistic view to our IT solutions that can be supported by our services platform. This approach gives you the flexibility of operating your solution internally, relying on us to manage everything, or sourcing out only the staffing you need to manage your solution. Datum Software is a global leader in enterprise architecture, SOA, Application Optimizations, along with Project and Program management. At Datum, we leverage our proven record of reliability with our experience working with clients in the travel, transport, and logistic industries, and best of breed technologies to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements and budget. Datum also developed a strong presence in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. From simple software solutions to comprehensive end-to-end solutions, we provide the flexibility to develop applications and services built around the client’s requirements. Datum Software is CMMI Maturity Level 3 assessed in development. Our process enables us to be responsive to your needs and deliver solutions on time, on budget, with zero defects - ensuring you meet your business objectives.

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