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Look how Flex Suisse uses Candidate.ly to make candidate submission their competitive advantage.

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“This is really exactly what we needed. Since using it, everyone, the entire team is super happy to be able to use it. It’s quicker and it makes our lives easier, we’re using it every day”.

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About the client

Flex Suisse is a Switzerland-based company that specializes in providing temporary workforce solutions for legal and compliance teams. Comprising lawyers and attorneys, their focus is on offering "from lawyers for lawyers" services. The company has experienced rapid growth, expanding into Germany and Singapore within just a few years.

The challenges

Flex Suisse has always relied on technology to increase efficiency and provide superior service to their clients. However, they faced a significant bottleneck in their process: the submission of candidates. Their outdated method relied on emailing PDFs containing candidate information, which quickly became obsolete due to the dynamic nature of candidate availability and information updates. This problem created inefficiencies in their operations and frustrated some of their clients.

The solution

Flex Suisse was in search of a technology solution that could solve its problem and discovered Candidate.ly on the Bullhorn marketplace. The product description resonated with Flex Suisse's specific needs, which included streamlining the process of candidate submission, ensuring real-time candidate data, and improving overall efficiency. As a result, they decided to try Candidate.ly and have been satisfied ever since.

The results

The adoption of Candidate.ly has transformed the previously cumbersome process into a swift, efficient, and user-friendly system. It has reduced the time taken to submit a candidate from manually extracting information and converting it into a PDF to just a few clicks, taking less than five minutes. Clients appreciate the platform's user-friendly interface and its ability to display crucial candidate data clearly. Additionally, the ability to update information promptly has positively impacted clients’ overall experience.

What features do you specifically like?

The client expressed high regard for two primary features of Candidate.ly. They were particularly impressed with Candidate.ly’s integration with Bullhorn, citing the robust link between the two platforms as one of its top attributes. This seamless integration facilitates a quick and effortless submission process, as well as a straightforward transfer of candidate data. The client also commended Candidate.ly’s display of information, emphasizing the convenience of the user-friendly presentation of candidate profiles.

About the implementation

The implementation and setup process of Candidate.ly was smooth and straightforward for Flex Suisse. With just one training session, the team became comfortable using the platform. In just two weeks, Candidate.ly became a natural part of their process without any issues, highlighting its ease of use.

How did your employees & client adopt to Candidate.ly?

The Flex Suisse team swiftly adopted Candidate.ly, seamlessly integrating it into their processes. Clients also adapted well to the system, praising its user-friendly interface and ease of use. The system's efficiency has helped Flex Suisse distinguish itself from competitors, thus enhancing its value to clients.

Next steps in the future

The client suggested future feature enhancements, such as integrating calendars to facilitate scheduling interviews between candidates and clients and developing a unified CV template for candidate information. The Candidate.ly team has taken note of these suggestions and has already included these features on their roadmap.