Lessons Learned from Connected Recruiting Flywheels: Insights from Trailblazers


Lessons Learned from Connected Recruiting Flywheels: Insights from Trailblazers

In the new world of work, having a consistently engaged talent pool sets staffing firms apart from their competitors. It’s never been more important to create a continuous pipeline of talent. But how can you build a talent community in a way that’s personalized and scalable? The concept of the connected recruiting flywheel has emerged as a compelling solution, but the path to building and optimizing them is not without challenges. Join us for this session, where we share real-world experiences from staffing leaders who have successfully built flywheels to streamline and grow their firms. Key takeaways: Hear firsthand from industry leaders who have successfully built connected recruiting flywheels Gain a practical understanding of the key elements of connected recruiting flywheels Discover why it's prudent to begin with a smaller, manageable flywheel and gradually expand as you gain insights and build momentum Learn how pioneers overcame obstacles to create impactful and unstoppable flywheels Explore the pivotal role of candidate-centric touchpoints in effective flywheels Learn how data analytics and iterative processes play a crucial role in optimizing flywheels Hear practical examples of how data-driven insights have shaped the evolution of these systems Join us and gain the insights you need to successfully implement connected recruiting flywheels in your staffing firm.

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