Calling all Staffing Leaders

Are you a trailblazer in the staffing industry, driven by curiosity, innovation, and a relentless focus on customers? Has your approach led to remarkable achievements, scaling your business, and outperforming competitors? We want to honor your success at the World Staffing Summit 2024!

Share your inspiring journey or nominate a peer or organization for the prestigious World Staffing Awards. Tell us about the impactful results you or your nominees have achieved. Join us in celebrating the visionaries who are redefining excellence in staffing by staying ahead of the curve. Submit your story now and let's toast to your accomplishments!




Staffing Leader to watch in 2024



Best Staffing Company to work for in 2024



Who can submit?

Are you part of a staffing or recruiting company and have a project or initiative that fills you with pride? If so, we invite you to submit your own work or your company for award consideration.

What makes for a good submission?

We seek submissions that delve into specific cases and narrate stories of significant business impact and transformation. Describe the business challenge you aimed to solve, how you approached it, the metrics you followed, and the tangible business outcomes you realized.

What is the process?

Our expert panel will review each submission, followed by a public voting phase. If you're selected as a winner, expect an email notification before the Summit. You'll get the chance to participate in the award ceremony during the Summit.

How will I be recognized?

Winners will be celebrated live at the Summit, where they'll receive their awards and share their success stories with peers. Post-event, winners will be featured across our marketing channels. Additionally, winners will receive a digital promo kit to flaunt their award on personal and company social media platforms.

What We Need for Your Submission?

Please provide the following information during your application:

   1. The award category you’re applying for.
   2. Nominee’s name, email, and company.
   3. A detailed account of your success story.