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Robotics & Automation, High-tech engineering services, medical technology, and energy companies who are serious about their culture and caliber of their teams seek Absolutely American, Inc. to identify, evaluate and recruit engineering and management talent that fit for their teams from a select portion of commercial industry and the U. S. military. By investing the time into proven processes that yield quality outcomes, these companies enjoy the benefits of new hires that are much more likely to make stronger contributions, turnover less frequently and grow farther than those hired through any other source, and it all comes down to a single principle - discovering the unbiased truth about not only what a person can do but also what that person really wants to do and how that person wants to work and then matching those individuals to companies who need that skill and work with their teams in the same way. Not only does this approach create great hires for clients, but the data has shown that it has frequently changed people's lives in profoundly positive ways. Add a measure of professional communication and interactions, and you have a process that delivers the best results in industry and a working relationship that just feels right.

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