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Skills are the most valuable resource in business. Throughout its more than 20 years of history Argo has made it to its mission to supply growing and value generating industries with their required skills. Today, Argo is invested in skill based businesses. We - supply the Aviation, Health Care and engineering-based industries in many countries with thousands of our own skilled staff and conduct one of the most comprehensive recruitment networks in the world. - provide consulting services in selected industries such as Health Care and the Hotel industry and transfer skills to the customers. - develop, service and manage industrial and environmental projects. In all this diversity there is a common thread: skills. We find, train, develop and match skills according to specific needs of our customers. In Argo's country of origin, Germany, there is a saying, “Nothing can stop an idea when its time has come”. This is why Argo currently takes its successful business model into exceptionally dynamic regions like the UAE, bringing added value to customers, employees and shareholders of the Argo Group. Despite the growth and scale the Argo Group has achieved, we still run a people-based business. Owned and run by two entrepreneurs rather than an anonymous group, trust, total customer service and taking good care of our employees are the abiding principles in everything we do and have done since Argo was founded. That is what we stand for. For more information see

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