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ASAP is a multinational Staffing & Recruiting Firm with a specialized focus on customer satisfaction and a promise of service of at least 3 high qualified candidates within 7 days. Helping tens of Fortune 500 and large multinationals to find, recruit, hire, and retain top professionals for the market by leveraging its knowledge of territory, cultures, and tendencies. ASAP is one of the largest and most reputable staffing firms in South America with more than 16 years of experience in the Latin American Market. ASAP’s unique approach enables our team to deeply understand your needs. From the required skills to management styles, and personalities, including corporate culture, team involvement and short, medium and long-term goals for the role and the organization. This advanced methodology ensures better placements by allowing ASAP to identify top talent that not only meets your requirements but also embraces your vision and culture, creating better synergies that empower and elevate the motivation. ASAP’s deep understanding and experience with Corporations, mid-size and small business provides a competitive advantage for promptly responding to immediate needs and efficiently targeting the best candidates with more than only a set of skills but a real value for your company and industry.

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