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Averro delivers technology solutions, business consulting, and recruiting services that propel businesses and careers forward. Our Aim — Your Ascent. Originally founded in 2008, the original Averro was acquired by Launch Consulting in 2015. Three years later, incredible growth, exceptional depth in client & consultant relationships, and an amazing and motivated team spurred the division to break back out and become a whole new company, under the name Averro. This change allows Averro to stay nimble, expand our service offerings, and make our mark in expertise: not only providing experts to solve our clients’ business needs, but also offering our own knowledge and ability in technical solutions, talent solutions and business consulting. Why “Averro?” The name evokes the words “aver,” which means to state or assert as a fact, and “arrow”—both of which speak to our straight and true approach to business and our commitment to hitting the mark, every time. Our success comes from the strength of our team and our commitment to our shared values: Family First. Be Uncommon. Culture Wins. Check out our website and follow our social channels to see Averro in action! Instagram: @AimAverro | Facebook: /AimAverro | Twitter: @AimAverro | Email: hello@averro.com

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