Black Swans Exist

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All businesses are run by people… Extraordinary businesses are run by extraordinary people… People are foundational for company performance… Recruitment of extraordinary people, therefore, becomes critically important to your business and team performance, personal development, and wellbeing. The latter not least because managers on average spend more time with their team than with friends and family. In sports, the best team has the best chance of winning. Businesses are no different. Consider this; are you likely to be a better manager with extraordinary people? People you respect, trust and like to work with? If yes, you need to be highly selective in your recruitments and look for team members that others couldn’t find or attract. The ’Black Swans’ of the workforce. This is where we derive our name from. Black Swans Exist, stems from the famous philosophical “Black Swan Problem” and it goes like this: “All swans we have seen are white, and, therefore, all swans are white”. Yet, with the discovery of Australia and black swans that theory was falsified. Keep searching and you will find. Black Swans Exist…

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