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Catalyst Advisors is a global executive search firm driven to help growing healthcare and life sciences companies. The firm’s talent solutions focus on the pursuit of exceptional leadership who meet both the intellectual and cultural climate of their selective clients. Founded in 2008, the firm has offices in New York, Boston, London and Los Angeles. What makes our firm successful? Intellectual Curiosity...Influential Excellence --- Locking arms between science, industry and artistry, we help to change the world by connecting the most innovative companies of tomorrow with the visionary leaders of today. The Pursuit of Perfection --- Our high success rate is due to a process-driven approach that keeps each party—the client, the candidates and ourselves—focused on the search process and collaborating effectively. Bold, Beautiful Minds --- We are constantly driven by the constantly driven. Those who strive for greatness, bringing together artistry and scientific mastery, we discover them for you.

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