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Commoneo is certified as a Service Disabled Veteran owned business by the Department of Veteran Affairs and NaVOBA. Our core values focus on repaying our service veterans for their dedication to our country. In fact, the word Latin "commoneo" means "to remember", and is used in context with the military. Today, Enterprise Customers want and demand partners that create advantage for them. Commoneo creates both advantage and value for our customers by deploying solutions that are deductive, predictive, disruptive, and intuitive. Technology innovation enables us to deliver the highest-quality services at competitive prices while reducing overall Process Cycle Time. Our dedication to best in breed technology and compliance ensures absolute transparency that supports corporate governance and guarantees regulatory compliance. Commoneo deploys its Payrolling Solution utilizing innovative technology across the entire employment lifecycle. This approach creates value for our customers through its ability to dramatically improve process quality while reducing process cost and shortening process cycle time. Our extensive knowledge of employment law combined with technology delivers "First Time Quality" for our Customers and our Employees. Commoneo employs its Independent Contractor (IC) Evaluation and Compliance (ICEC) Methodology to establish "The Corporate Veil" around each IC. This approach assures our customers protection against claims of joint and co-employment while at the same time removing risk from our customers and assuring compliance with federal and local regulations. Commoneo helps its Customers consistently access the world's best Talent. To accomplish this, we leverage a vast array of databases using intelligent search agents to locate the best people, in the shortest amount of time, and at the best possible price point. Our capabilities and experience allow us to provide people across all industries, functional job categories, and disciplines.

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