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Curasion is a new disruptive Online Cloud based Platform helping companies take control of their talent sourcing by connecting professional talent directly with hiring managers. Curasion Talent Sharing Platform allows you to ▶ Scale your teams quickly ▶ Build a bench of top contractors ▶ Access hidden talent pools ▶ Share internal talent Private Talent Cloud helps companies organize, share, and stay connected with their known talent. Open Talent Cloud is powered by a network of staffing partners to source additional talent where needed. Together they provide a complete and simplified talent sourcing ecosystem. ⇨Areas of Specialty for Top Technology Professionals Guidewire | Salesforce | Web Developers - Front/Back/Full Stack - React, Angular, JavaScript | DevOps | Cloud Consultants - Development, Architecture, Engineering | SAP consultants - Technical and Functional | Oracle Consultants - Technical or Functional | Java Developers | Data Engineers | Data Analytics | Android and iOS Developers ⇨Some of the Industries We Specialize in: Insurance Consulting Finance Telecom Retail / E-Commerce Technology Government / Crown

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