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In 2002, our founder Nicki Denholm pioneered specialist sales and marketing recruitment in Scotland. Since then, we’ve used our unique combination of industry expertise and a customer-centric approach to develop a better way to find, attract and hire top performers. Now, Denholm operates UK-wide and we recruit within sales, marketing, HR, finance and data & technology. We’re a team of specialists in our chosen fields, and we combine industry leading technology with a personal touch to ensure that we find and attract the future-fit talent that you simply can’t find yourself. Future-fit talent are those high performers who will always drive your business forward. Over and above their skill set, they demonstrate vital qualities such as adaptability, resilience, and the capability to learn new things quickly. As innovators in our field, we designed SCOUT - an end to end digital solution that consistently delivers. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we apply marketing principles to the recruitment process. This means that while we’re recruiting for you, at the same time we are also working to enhance and promote your employer brand. We’ve always embraced technology – from designing digital job briefs through to online interviewing, testing, and onboarding. In addition to our recruitment, search and employer brand offerings – our online Navigator platform provides professional support to individuals who need to chart a new career direction. We support candidates at all levels, from CEO to junior line management, and we deliver live coaching sessions, online Q&A's and webinars to ensure the best possible career transition can be made. In short – the Denholm team are experienced, intelligent, and armed with a unique range of leading technical and digital marketing tools so that we can find the ‘future-fit’ candidates that you just won’t find yourself.

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