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EMS Consulting (EMS) has a leadership position helping our customers move to the cloud to take advantage of a new era of service delivery and flexibility, where applications, infrastructure and business processes are brought together. Since our inception in 1998, we have served more than 8500+ customer engagements. EMS Consulting (EMS) specializes in financial services, which includes banking, wealth management, mortgage lenders, LOS system integrations, credit unions, private equity, insurance, and finance companies. EMS provides vision to your business and technology platforms, with seamless integration that include people, process, and automation. Our Salesforce HLS practice focuses on DME, Providers, Specialty Care, and Home Health providing implementations offering end to end solutions to the mid-market segment. Our customer experience is critical to the success of EMS earning a 9.75 customer satisfaction score. EMS Consulting treats its employees like family. We encourage our remote employees to join us at headquarters as often as they like in order to grow the relationships in house that help us better solve together for our clients. We all strive to meet the same goal and we thrive on meeting that goal together.

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