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Focus of Georgia was founded in June of 1994 by Amy and Bryan Shockley, who still run the company. Amy grew up in the staffing business, working in her father’s staffing firm, Crown Services. Since early 2006, they have concentrated their efforts on serving the metro Atlanta market, as well as the entire state of Georgia. Unlike most call center employment agencies, clerical employment agencies and accounting & finance employment agencies, Focus of Georgia believes that our success (and yours!) depends on building a team of well-trained, well-treated team members. By providing our staff with an exceptional environment for personal and professional growth, we foster excellence in our team so they can provide excellence to our clients and candidates. Our mission is to provide a culture and atmosphere that inspires our staff to enjoy and excel in their roles, and to respect, edify and encourage our colleagues, customers and employees with every opportunity. We focus on the specific qualities and talents essential to making successful partnerships with our customers and to constantly uncover and create opportunities. We welcome the chance to work with you. Contact us, learn more about our specialties or search our jobs.

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