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For over three decades, Gainor has cultivated the right relationships between choice candidates & opportunistic companies. Here is how... CANDIDATES *Quit Looking At Job Boards* Learn about opportunities before they’re public within: Creative, Media & Marketing; Human Resources; Administrative/Reception *75% of Our Candidates Land Interviews* Our big secret... we take time get to know your skills, personality & goals, & match those with a company & role that supports your career growth. *Nail The Interview, Get the Job, & Take that Beach Trip* Armed with key intel about the job & company, we’ll set you up for success so you can get your dream job & squeeze in that beach trip before you start. COMPANIES *The Sorcerers of Sourcing* We combine the latest technology with a stacked rolodex to turn an ocean of candidates into an infinity pool of choice talent within : Creative, Media & Marketing; Human Resources; Administrative/Reception *Only Meet Candidates with the Skills & Goals to Succeed* We get to know the goals, skills & personality of every candidate to ensure these traits are a match for your company & role so your team only evaluates choice candidates. *Reduce Time to Hire* We keep choice candidates engaged during the interview process while ensuring they understand your company’s offering, so when you’re ready to say “yes,” so are they.

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