Thank you for visiting IonIdea's page on LinkedIn. We welcome your interest in us, and your suggestions & comments as well. IonIdea's vision is simply to become one of the most trusted companies in the technology and business process solutions industries. Our mission is to deliver excellent products, value-added solutions and high-quality services by bringing together passionate professionals, innovative technologies and the very best practices. Our promise to our customers is that we will always put their interests first, and always deliver superior value to them through innovation, excellence and professionalism. With a range of products, solutions and services in the areas of Strategic Consulting, Technology Consulting, IT Applications Development, Software Testing & Validation and Business Process Delivery, IonIdea can help you envision, strategize, plan and execute your way to success. Our promise to our employees is that we will share the success that we jointly create with them, and provide them with a motivating work environment where they can realize their fullest potential. At IonIdea you will get a level playing field no matter who you are. Your success, and the recognition & rewards you get at IonIdea is solely dependent upon your performance, i.e., what you achieve and how you achieve it. To us not only is high-performance important, it is also very important that we live by IonIdea’s trust and excellence based value system. As we grow, we constantly seek to employ talented professionals with a high level of integrity that want to be challenged to perform at their very best, seek opportunities to innovate and excel, and desire to rewarded in a manner that is commensurate with the value that they deliver. We also seek to engage highly motivated, credible, experienced executives and entrepreneurs as IonPartners to help us make inroads into new markets, and to build IonIdea franchises.

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