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In recruiting, stating actual facts has become: Foreign | Uncommon | Taboo. All bait, plenty of switch. Enough. At Triage, we tell it like it is. That’s how we ensure travelers get where they want to go, and the facilities find the talent they need. So if that gig near the ocean is no day at the beach, we tell you. We don’t send candidates with qualifiers, just qualified candidates. Of course, we can only tell it like it is because you tell us what you want--and we actually listen. And then, we shoot you straight. Using candor over jargon. Offering reality over wishful thinking. No song and dance just to get a signature on the dotted line. We stand together in our pursuit of what is REAL. We earn the trust of those we serve by being reliable. We gain respect by being READY. And we will always choose to give a damn. We are Triage. Real. Ready. Triage is a medical staffing agency founded in 2006. We specialize in staffing the best and brightest Nursing, Laboratory, Rehabilitation Therapy, Cardiopulmonary and Radiology professionals for travel assignments across the US. We’re a top-rated staffing agency by industry-leaders like Highway Hypodermics, BluePipes, The Gypsy Nurse, and an INC 5000 Fastest-Growing US Company. Why? Because we’re a “no BS” kind of company that’s Real with their travelers so they can be Ready for what’s next. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more fun. Check out helpful blogs on our website and of course, find the best assignment in that destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Life’s too short and the world is too big to stay in one place.

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