The Experience Economy is here


The Experience Economy is here

92% of candidates never complete online applications. 68% of talent abandon promising opportunities. 42% of talent choose to work for an agency because of ratings, reviews, and recommendations. What has happened to staffing and recruiting? Welcome to the Experience Economy. This same wave hit retail in the early 2000s and is now transforming the world of work. Gone are the days when employees solely cared about stability in their day-to-day work life, longevity in their careers, and the salary needed to obtain the American Dream. They would do anything for the right job, regardless of how arduous the process. Well, not anymore. Talent value systems and expectations have changed dramatically, and if the agency of tomorrow wants to survive (and thrive), they must evolve into a business that delivers memorable experiences. In this session, we’ll dissect this paradigm shift and introduce key concepts that must shape your digital transformation efforts to align with this new world of work.

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