May 8, 2023

Candidate Assessment & Selection

Jan Jedlinski

Co-Founder & CEO,

As the labor market becomes competitive, staffing agencies have to make sure that their clients are able to recruit the best candidates. Timely candidate assessment and selection can help staffing firms not just find the right talent but also do that in a fast and cost-effective manner. 

Staffing agencies end up having to fulfill multiple roles for their clients, several of them being administrative and routine chores. Amidst these, it’s crucial to develop a robust candidate assessment and selection process for effectively screening and evaluating candidates. 

What are assessment tests?

An assessment test is part of the pre-employment method for screening candidates to make sure that a candidate is suitable for the role they’re being considered for. This method for screening and evaluating candidates can have several stages including job applications and postings, candidate screening, background checks, candidate testing, and legal and eligibility checks. 

Candidate assessment and selection tests have to be developed in sync with the specific requirements of the organization. This will help staffing firms better analyze skill competencies, education, experience, behavioral traits, and the cultural fit of the candidates. 

What is a candidate assessment report?

A candidate assessment report will contain a detailed evaluation of the candidate with reliable and actionable insights on their professional, personal, cognitive, and relational competencies. 

Beyond documenting the results, a candidate assessment report will also include information on what these mean to the recruiters. This will help organizations and staffing agencies understand whether the candidate is the right fit for them. 

What are good assessment tests?

Skills tests: These tasks will analyze whether the candidate has the required skills to perform their job. 

Knowledge tests: These are tests that measure the domain knowledge of candidates, whether it’s a technology, platform, or sector. 

Personality tests: Another method for screening candidates, these will figure out their perception, intuition, thought process, and social skills. 

Cognitive tests: These are vital to understanding how the candidate will cope with real-life scenarios at the workplace. 

Why candidate assessment & selection matters

Candidate assessment and selection help you screen out candidates who may not be the right fit for the organization. Introducing a data-driven approach also makes the process more accurate, which will help organizations become more productive. 

Candidate assessment and selection are also crucial to ensuring that there are no biases in the process. This gives legal defensibility to recruitment.

Through an objective process of screening and evaluating candidates, organizations will also get individuals who would be more likely to stay with them. This is how companies can improve their retention rates.  

In short

Candidate assessment and selection are important for identifying the right talent pool. But for that, staffing firms need to enhance their technological capabilities, which now have an average ranking of 3.5/5 points. can help staffing agencies bridge their technology gap. You can easily add a candidate assessment report to your candidate submittals using the platform. This reduces the likelihood of errors and automates the process to make candidate assessment and selection more effective.