June 13, 2023

Candidate.ly / RefAssured Roundtable: Build trust, transparency, and speed into your submissions

The roundtable organized by Candidate.ly and RefAssured at Bullhorn Engage 2023 sparked an exceptionally productive exchange of thoughts and ideas surrounding how the use of new technologies can enhance the client experience and streamline operations while improving some of the most significant metrics in the industry, such as time to submit, feedback times, fill ratios and quality of hire.

If you recognize these as relevant to your business, you might want to keep reading! We’ve prepared this short summary to capture the key takeaways, and we encourage you to reflect on these ideas and explore how they can be applied to your own business, enabling you to drive meaningful improvements.

During the session, we highlighted Phil Jaber’s, founder of Philz Coffee, success story of building a premier brand through relentless focus on delivering an exceptional client experience: 

  1. Constantly seek feedback and learn from it: when you get feedback, always ask yourself “What can I learn from this?”. Drilling down into the reasons why a customer wasn’t satisfied will help you improve the quality of your service. Be proactive and creative in offering solutions.
  2. Stay true to your values: defining your mission, vision, and values and staying true to them throughout growth will allow you to turn customers into followers.
  3. Build meaningful customer relationships: keep in mind that it’s all about human interaction and connections.
  4. Leverage technology: this will help your business streamline processes, increase efficiency and differentiate you from the competition while allowing you to emphasize human interaction.

These ideas inevitably lead us to consider the implications of organizational change. While change is key to business growth and success, the participants at the roundtable also highlighted its challenges. In order to overcome change resistance, it is crucial to effectively communicate its value both internally and externally. Through effective communication with both your team and clients, early adopters can provide valuable insights that will enable you to seek ways to provide a better service. Proactive communication is also key to identifying and addressing issues promptly. Adoption of change will depend on how you manage communication, so it’s essential to encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

By focusing on the client experience, tools like Candidate.ly and RefAssured seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn to help your business stand out from the competition while helping your clients make faster and more informed decisions. We’re sure you want to learn more, and we’re here to help your business grow and succeed, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule time with our teams; we'd love to chat!

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