May 8, 2023

Candidately is now available on the Bullhorn Marketplace 🤩

Jan Alexander Jedlinski

Jan is the co-founder & CEO of Candidately.

The entire Candidately team is extremely excited to announce a partnership with the leading ATS/CRM provider for the staffing industry.

is the global leader in software for the staffing industry. More than 10,000 companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their staffing processes from start to finish. Bullhorn’s Marketplace offers 100+ pre-integrated technology partners that give staffing agencies the tools they need to build a unique, future-proof solution with the flexibility to quickly adapt to a changing landscape.

Candidately becomes a pre-integrated solution on the Bullhorn Marketplace and enables every Bullhorn customer to turn on Candidately on their Bullhorn account with just a few clicks.

Why we are building Candidately?

For us, it was mind-blowing to see that email is still the main medium to interact with clients in most parts of the staffing market.

Unless you are working with the enterprise utilizing a Vendor Management System (VMS) or similar enterprise products, you will find yourself sending resumes attached in an email to your clients all day long.

Time to submit, time to get feedback, and time to fill
are all critical metrics for every staffing and recruiting business to increase revenue and make more placements. Interacting with clients only via email won't improve those metrics. Even worse, it creates a bad client experience in the long run and in turn increases the chances for your really good candidates to drop out of your pipeline. Let's face it, no one wants to see 10 resumes attached in an email, have endless email threads, or wait 2 weeks for feedback.

With believe that every staffing and recruiting company deserves to have a stunning client experience. That's why we are building Candidately. The modern digital storefront for your staffing business.

A simple digital link lets your customers access your candidate submissions from anywhere and anytime. We reduce your time to submit, cut client feedback times in half, provide you with instant analytics and a live chat that lets you collaborate with your customers in real-time.

What is in it for me as a Bullhorn customer?

That's the best part. Bullhorn customers can from today on use Candidately right from within their Bullhorn account and benefit from a seamless integration that creates a digital storefront on top of your Bullhorn account and gives you the digital-first way to keep candidates in front of their customers.

Here are some of the really cool things you will be able to do with Candidately from within Bullhorn:

1. Share candidates with your clients from within Bullhorn.

Decrease time to submit by sharing candidates with your clients right from within Bullhorn with just a few clicks.

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2. Give clients instant access to review your candidate submissions.

Let clients instantly access and view your candidates. On desktop and mobile. No login or signup is required for your clients!

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3. Keep your candidate presentations consistent.

Give clients a consistent way to review candidate submissions.

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4. Get instant feedback and enable collaboration.

Give clients a faster way to provide candidate feedback and let them collaborate with their team on your submissions.

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5. Get real-time analytics and instant insights.

Never miss a beat. Get live insights when clients have clicked, viewed, or requested a candidate.

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6. Stand out with your brand

Your logo, your colors, your own URL. Make it all yours and 'wow' your customers with an uncompromisingly great candidate presentation.

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You can call it a client portal, we call it the digital storefront for forward-thinking staffing companies.

Giving staffing and recruiting companies a digital-first way to keep candidates in front of their customers, is our way to help the industry move one step forward.

That's just the first step. We are only getting started.

How can you get started using Candidately?

Reach out to your Bullhorn customer success manager and ask for an introduction to the Candidately team or book a demo right here.