May 8, 2023

How to Post Jobs Successfully

Jan Jedlinski

Co-Founder & CEO,

As every recruiter knows, posting a job vacancy that attracts the best candidates is easier said than done. On top of creating an engaging advertisement for the role, you’ll need to harness the best online tools to reach the right kinds of candidates. If you’re feeling a little out of your depth, we’ve collated some top job posting tips to help you optimize your recruitment strategies.

Job posting matters

In today’s digital world, most job seekers turn to online job boards to find fulfilling work that matches their skills. Most staffing firms are familiar with this dynamic and create their own searchable job boards. Indeed, according to our study with Talent Tech Labs, 83% of recruitment teams have some kind of job board strategy in place to attract potential candidates and enhance the quality of their service.

However, while such technologies are clearly vital components of the recruitment and staffing landscape, 24.2% of the teams we surveyed reported their job board strategys to be only “average” and over 7% labeled their boards “not good” or “terrible”. This is a serious problem, as shoddy job board strategys could turn off potential candidates and damage your reputation as a staffing firm. So, how can you optimize your recruitment strategy and retain a competitive edge in the market?

Job posting tips

The following top tips will help you attract the candidates you need for your clients:

Use a sophisticated job board

Some job board platforms are better than others when it comes to ingenuity and searchability. We recommend using a board that is easy to use, SEO-friendly, and esthetically pleasing. Some platforms also feature special alerts that let jobseekers know when a recruiter or employer has posted a potentially exciting role. Such functionality could significantly improve the number of candidates who apply for the roles you post.

Consider posting across different job boards

While it’s certainly beneficial to have a company-run job board, it’s worth posting jobs across a range of popular sites, including LinkedIn and Indeed. While you may need to pay a little money to advertise your jobs, this strategy could pay off in the long term.

Spend time writing your copy

Try not to rush when crafting a copycrafting copy for a new job. While you may find the process a little boring or difficult, poorly written, misspelled, or incomplete copy will deter candidates from submitting applications. Remember to proofread your copy carefully and try to highlight the benefits of working with a given client. It’s also worth conducting some SEO research before submitting your job. Factors such as the length of your job description and the types of keywords used could impact the searchability of your posts.

Don’t beat around the bush

Job posts that refrain from providing vital information such as salary or location are not likely to attract many candidates. Try to be as upfront as possible in your posts to avoid wasting anyone’s time.

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