May 8, 2023

How to schedule an interview faster for your candidate?

Jan Jedlinski

Co-Founder & CEO,

Time is a precious resource for recruiters as they set up phone screenings, go to college recruitment events, move prospects through the interview process, and source fresh candidates. By automating the scheduling of applicants, you may reduce your burden and free up more time for candidate sourcing and offer creation. In this guide, we’ll break down our top tips for faster interview scheduling. But first, let’s consider why it is important to schedule interviews fast.

Why is it important to schedule interviews fast?

It is crucial to schedule an interview quickly and at the ideal time for a number of reasons. One benefit of timing your interview at a time when the candidate is most awake is that it will influence both the direction of the opening discussion and the candidate's assessment of their suitability for the position. It might be crucial to choose the optimal time for your interview so that you can snag high-value candidates before they go on to other interviews. Additionally, quick interview scheduling guarantees efficient communication while preventing mental weariness for both the recruiter and the prospect.

If you want to learn how to schedule interviews fast, consider the following tips.

Top tips for scheduling interviews faster

If you want to schedule your interviews faster, we recommend using some of these excellent tips to get started:

  • Leverage technology like Calendly or similar tools. Using a client portal like can be an excellent way to get faster feedback from clients and make it easier for the clients to schedule interviews in advance. According to research we conducted with Talent Tech Labs, 3.4/5 points is the average rating for existing technology capabilities around interview scheduling and management. On average, 39% of organizations surveyed noted that they had an average experience and 29.2% have noted that they have had a good experience with such technology capabilities.
  • Schedule a follow-up interview immediately, as candidates are likely to be interviewed by many companies at the same time.
  • Reduce the number of emails you send to applicants. Include all relevant information in your initial email to prospects to foster positive candidate experiences and prevent fielding a barrage of clarification queries.
  • When booking meetings, double verify your time zones. Check the time zone while working with candidates in different time zones to prevent needless rescheduling.
  • To provide speedier access to candidate information, use mobile apps. Mobile recruiting applications allow you to streamline processes and do away with time-consuming paper-based organizing.
  • Be receptive. Throughout the interview process, it's crucial to constantly give prompt answers. Candidates frequently ask questions or even request several reschedulings while arranging interviews.


When it comes down to it, using helpful technology like Calendly and keeping track of your high-value prospects can make it much easier to recruit new talent quickly and efficiently.

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