June 14, 2024

Interview with Catherine vanVonno

Catherine vanVonno

President & CEO, 20four7VA

Do you consider Online Staffing Platforms as a threat to your current business? What advice would you give to a staffing operator to stay competitive with new Online Platforms entering the staffing market?

There’s a huge difference between the type of service provided by online staffing platforms and staffing providers like 20four7VA. First, we offer end-to-end recruitment and management services, whereas online staffing platforms simply connect companies with people looking for work. 20four7VA handles everything — sourcing, vetting, training, onboarding, performance monitoring, payroll, IT and HR support, and offboarding.

Second, the quality of talent available in online staffing platforms varies widely. At a staffing provider like 20four7VA, only individuals who have been thoroughly screened, skill-assessed, and trained are admitted into the talent pool. It's the quality of our candidates and our white glove, end-to-end service that separates us from traditional online staffing platforms.

I would suggest that staffing operators focus on enhancing the aspects of their service that set them apart from online staffing platforms.

What is your view on remote work in staffing?

As someone who has been managing a fully remote team for almost 10 years, I can tell you that remote work isn’t just doable — it’s a game-changer! The thing that draws companies to remote staffing is, of course, the ability to slash operational costs. Instead of paying for rent and utilities, they can funnel these resources into revenue-generating projects. Remote staffing also breaks down geographic barriers to give companies access to a larger talent pool with enhanced flexibility. When you work with remote employees in different time zones, your business can operate 24/7.

Are you considering any technology investments this year? What technology platforms would you recommend to other staffing operators?

This year, we are building a mobile app to further support our clients and VAs (virtual assistants). The goal is to provide more self-service features, which should make the matching and hiring process faster and more seamless.

We also recently upgraded our applicant tracking system, and it has definitely improved our recruitment team's efficiency and streamlined the whole recruitment and hiring process.

What is your go to place for news and advice on new trends in the staffing market?

I find myself reading the newsletters from Business.com, CO– by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Staffing Hub. I also like Running Remote for everything related to remote work.