May 8, 2023

Interview with Christophe Menger

Christophe Menger

Managing Director - CIS & Global Sales Director, NES Fircroft

We are going through very uncertain times. What are the 3 things that will differentiate top performing staffing companies from others?

  1. Experienced consultants with a great knowledge of the industry
  2. Good database of candidates/ and research technologies
  3. Brand name that attracts best candidates

It is not a secret; we have a recruiter shortage. What are the most helpful tools to make your recruiters more efficient?

  1. New Technology i.e., AI
  2. Delocalization – new recruitment hub
  3. Flexible work pattern

Everyone talks about candidate experience, but what about client experience? What tools or best practices do you implement to ensure an outstanding experience for your clients when working with your firm?

  1. We constantly send surveys to both clients and contractors (to monitor NPS)
  2. We organize workshops – round table events
  3. We have regular KPIs meeting to review our performnce