June 14, 2024

Interview with Magda Wolski

Magda Wolski

Owner, Elite Jobs

Do you consider Online Staffing Platforms as a threat to your current business? What advice would you give to a staffing operator to stay competitive with new Online Platforms entering the staffing market?

I do not consider Online Staffing Platforms as a threat to my current business as my business is completely virtual and remote. If anything, it is a useful tool to streamline our processes seamlessly and recruit more efficiently. I would advise staffing operators to utilize online platforms to increase their accessibility to a larger candidate pool.

What is your view on remote work in staffing?

I believe if managed appropriately, remote work is advantageous in staffing. In order to recruit, an office isn’t really necessary anymore. It’s a great way to cut costs for office space, which can be allocated elsewhere into your business that supports remote staffing. For example, investing in a program that allows you to manage your staff remotely is a better alternative which will ultimately decrease your monthly costs and increase your staff’s satisfaction and performance!  

Are you considering any technology investments this year? What technology platforms would you recommend to other staffing operators?

Due to setbacks caused by the pandemic; our focus this year is not investing into technology platforms. Our priorities are invested into strengthening the branding of our website to create a seamless recruiting experience for our audience. I would recommend staffing operators looking into on-demand staffing platforms that combine mobile technology, workforce management, and a robust mobile app that creates a centralized mobile experience.

What is your go to place for news and advice on new trends in the staffing market?

I personally stay updated with staffing trends through various online media sources. However I typically rely on www.humanresourcestoday.com. Human Resources Today is a great reference point when investigating the staffing market. They offer a collection of leading industry trends in the forms of blogs, webinars and downloadable resources, in one convenient website. Topics range from Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Talent Management, Performance Management and much more!