June 10, 2023

Interview with Megan McCann

Megan McCann

CEO & Founder, McCann Partners

As a top 100 staffing leader to watch in 2023, what are your goals for the upcoming year and what do you hope to achieve?

McCann Partners is a purpose-driven IT recruitment firm. While we have financial and growth goals for 2023, we also are committed to increasing the number and influence of women and other underrepresented individuals in technology and leadership. Since 2020, greater than 70% of our hires have been diverse, and we intend to increase that percentage in 2023.

In light of the rapidly changing staffing industry, what opportunities do you see that others may not agree on?

We need to meet our clients and candidates where they are and use our voices to amplify, educate, and elevate. Additionally, workforce dynamics continue to be in flux, and a good hiring partner should adopt an inclusive mindset and bring creative solutions for consideration. The way forward is through; collaborating will open possibilities, whether thinking creatively about hiring profiles or navigating hybrid work scenarios.

As discussed at the World Staffing Summit, client experience is becoming increasingly important. What are the biggest shifts in client expectations that you anticipate in the near future?

Cultural alignment and shared values are top-of-mind conversations with our prospects and where we see the biggest shift in new client expectations. Whether DEIB, the environment, social mobility, sustainability, etc., companies who align will experience even greater success because there is a shared vision for upholding these commitments. We have seen this first-hand in recent months with new client partners.

Based on recent research, it appears that acquiring new clients is becoming increasingly difficult. Do you believe this will be the biggest challenge for the staffing industry in 2023?

New client acquisition will be a challenge this year. Paramount to that is identifying the right type of client. The stories of our client partners need to resonate with our candidates – whether around values and vision, the work at hand, culture, and workforce practices for in-person, hybrid, or remote. Inspiring stories impact how organizations attract, retain, and advance workers (IT or otherwise) and are a true differentiator.