May 8, 2023

Interview with Melitza Weller

Melitza Weller

HR Coordinator, AFC Industries

We are going through very uncertain times. What are the 3 things that will differentiate top performing staffing companies from others?

  1. Asking more in detail interview questions to find out where this candidate will be a good fit for. Too many staffing companies will just ask the basics and then have high turnover due to not taking the time to really listen to the client and associate’s needs.
  2. Providing great customer service to their clients including their associates. Without either of them we would not be here. Also, providing constructive feedback to both client and associate.
  3. Prepare your associate for success. Help them prepare for the big interview with the client. Call them the night prior to their interview. Answer any questions they may have and coach them on what to ask, how to present themselves, and ace the interview. Coaching your associate is crucial. Give them resources on how to be successful on their next role.

It is not a secret, we have a recruiter shortage. What are the most helpful tools to make your recruiters more efficient?

If you want your recruiter to be more efficient you need to provide them the tools and resources they would need for their role. Be available and approachable. Provide training, advice, coach them, find them a mentor they can work with, give them the incentive by providing help for certifications.

Everyone talks about candidate experience, but what about client experience? What tools or best practices do you implement to ensure an outstanding experience for your clients when working with your firm?

They are both equally important. I have said it before without either of them we would not be here. One of the things I always make sure with my clients is understanding their company and their company values. What is important for this organization? What is the culture like? What is their management style like? You really have to study your client the same way you would study your associates. When I was a Project Manager for one of my clients, I would meet my new hires at the client’s site to make sure that my client and the new hire are acquainted. If there were any changes, I would provide them at that time. I would provide them all the paperwork we used and questions we asked the associate. We also gave them to the client so that they knew what we asked and how we came with the conclusion that they were a good fit. We had such a good relationship that it felt like I was part of their team as well. Always have an open line of communication.

Especially in today's market it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Where do you go for market intel and news? Which newsletters, blogs, conferences, podcasts etc. can you recommend?

Absolutely. I read and use SHRM to stay updated on new laws and use their resources for different topics that I may be unfamiliar with or need help understanding. I listen to the following podcast to learn new things: Honest HR, We’re Only Human with Ben Eubanks, Punk Rock HR, HR Leaders, and The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan. I have attended The World Staffing Summit two years in a row where I learned a lot about current trends on recruiting. I am also registered at the HR Certification Institute where I participate on their webinars and take classes to get familiar and proficient in different areas of HR. To be more proficient in my role I am part of the HR Roundtable where we speak about current trends, and what we can do to make our companies better and also support each other with any questions that we may have.