May 8, 2023

Interview with Stephanie Feder

Stephanie Feder

Vice President of Business Development, Qwick

Do you consider Online Staffing Platforms as a thread to your current business? What advice would you give to a staffing operator to stay competitive with new Online Platforms entering the staffing market?

Online staffing platforms are integral to the future of how our world operates. Many business owners can agree that finding qualified staff, especially on short notice, is one of their biggest challenges. As we become a more flexible and dynamic society, online staffing platforms like Qwick are opening up new ways to add ease to day-to-day business operations and ultimately solve this pain point. The working world is only becoming more technologically advanced, and in order to stand out, online staffing operators should build upon trends in their industry, as well as identify competitors and focus on what sets their business apart.

How important are MSPs for your business? What is your advice to staffing operators when considering participating in an MSP program?

MSP’s are not a huge factor in our business now. In years 1 and 2 we relied heavily on outside programs to manage things like automating text messages or a customer service database to manage inbound inquiries. All of these solutions were pretty good but nothing was perfect and there was alot of hacking. Qwick being a technology company first we have invested in an outstanding engineer and product team that has built us customized solutions that has saved us thousands of dollars.

Are you considering any technology investments this year? What technology platforms would you recommend to other staffing operators?

CRM system that your team all uses consistently, or automation tools such as Zapier.

What is your view on remote work in staffing?

If remote work is effective for your particular industry or job, then that’s great! I think many of us were surprised with the productivity put out when most of the world went from daily commutes into the office to rolling out of bed into home setups...or sofas. However, in some industries, like the food and beverage service industry, Professionals need to be present in restaurants, hotels, events, etc. to get the job done, and Qwick is making it as safe as possible for them to do so. There is no right or wrong way to work, and at the end of the day it comes down to what results in the most productivity for your business.

What is your go to place for news and advice on new trends in the staffing market?

Our company works with hotels, catering companies, restaurants, and events. I follow all my clients and potential businesses on Linkedin, putting search tags through google for competitors & key words,. In addition I subscribe to newsletters and attend events from member organizations that pertain to our industry. One of the best newsletters for me comes from the AHLA - American Hotel and Lodging association. They also put on an amazing look into the industry that we planned our entire hotel strategy around.