June 14, 2024

Product Updates February

Benjamin Bartakovics

Ben is co-founder & Head of Product of Candidately.

Bullhorn Automations (Herefish) Webhook

We're excited to introduce a new integration between Candidate.ly and Bullhorn Automations! With this integration, users can trigger automations in Candidate.ly by using a Webhook block in Bullhorn Automations. For instance, user can set up an automation that automatically adds candidates to marketing lists as a step in a Bullhorn Automation.

Brand your lists with Themes

branded themes

The new Themes feature offers a variety of design options for our user. With custom logos, brand names, header images, and multiple custom domains, it's easy to create visually appealing candidate lists tailored to your brands.

Especially our enterprise customers were waiting for this feature.

Improved Activity feed

We're excited to announce an enhancement to Candidate.ly's activity feed, providing users with a more comprehensive overview of candidate-related activities. With this update, users can stay on top of more candidate-related events in one convenient location. These events include:

  • List shared manually: Including the message, recipients, and candidates.
  • List shared automatically to clients subscribed to list updates: Including recipients and candidates.
  • Candidate added
  • Candidate set active
  • Candidate set inactive
  • Candidate deleted

This improved activity feed offers enhanced visibility and transparency, making it easier for users to manage their candidates and share them with their clients.

Subscribe Clients to List Updates

Subscribe Clients to List Updates!

This feature allows end clients to receive email notifications automatically whenever there are changes to the lists our users share with them, so our users don't have to manually re-share lists each time they add or remove a candidate.

Bullhorn SSO

Single sign on

We're excited to announce our new Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, which now allows you to log in to Candidate.ly with your Bullhorn credentials. With SSO, you can access both systems with just one set of login credentials, saving time and simplifying the workflow.

Import candidate files from Bullhorn

This feature allows you to import candidate files from Bullhorn directly into Candidate.ly. It lets you add files, such as certificates or licenses that you may already have stored in Bullhorn, directly to your candidates' profiles in Candidate.ly by creating a custom file field.

Various other improvements

A graphic for general Improvements
  • Added a dot visible to your clients to indicate which candidates clients haven't viewed yet.
  • Choose icons for custom fields using the new icon picker.
  • Fixed onboarding page for smaller screens
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused the Bullhorn end clients sync to not import all clients the first time through.
  • Improved location field accuracy when importing candidates from Bullhorn.

As always, if you have any feedback, we’d really like to hear it. By providing feedback, you are helping us figure out what features are most important to our users and what to ship next.