June 14, 2024

Product Updates June


Ben is co-founder & Head of Product of Candidately.

In this update, we are excited to share some improvements to our custom fields as well as some smaller improvements across the board.

Custom Field: Improvements 🚀

There are two new features that enhance the functionality of custom fields. These improvements provide greater flexibility and options for customizing candidate profiles to meet your specific needs.

Custom Field Visibility: Internal or Public

Expanding on the existing custom fields feature, we are delighted to introduce the ability to designate custom fields as either internal or public. With this sub-feature, you can now create custom fields that are only visible to your team, keeping sensitive information confidential from the end client.

These fields can also be mapped to Bullhorn, if required.

You can find this new setting when creating new custom fields as described in our Help Center.

New Custom Field Type: Rates

With the introduction of "Rates" as a new custom field, we now offer a feature that enables you to add multiple rates/salaries to a candidate profile. By combining a value, a currency, and a time frame in one field, you can now show rates in the following format: $6,000 USD/mo.

You can find this new option when creating new custom fields as described in our Help Center.

Other improvements 🤓

  • You can now share lists that are in a "Draft" or "Paused" state which will automatically set them to "Active".
  • Duplicate candidates: This feature now takes Teams into account.
  • Our PDF viewer (used for viewing CVs etc.) now shows a line between each page indicating where one page ends and the next one begins.

Streamlined Candidate Statuses 🔥

Managing candidate progress is now easier than ever. You now have the ability to change candidate statuses directly on your candidates, allowing you to track their journey seamlessly and update them on behalf of your customers.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a new “To review” status for candidates on job submission lists. This status helps your clients identify which candidates require their attention and feedback.

We’re continuously working to expand this feature into a comprehensive candidate pipeline, enabling you to track the entire lifecycle of candidates from submission to placement. Stay tuned for more updates in this area coming soon!

Enhanced List Access ✅

We have an exciting update for Candidately users with the “Member” role. Previously, they could only view lists created by other users if they were assigned to them or in the same team, sometimes resulting in duplicate lists for the same Bullhorn job.

Now, users can easily request access to specific lists from those who are already assigned. This streamlines collaboration and eliminates redundant lists. Enjoy improved coordination with our enhanced list access feature in Candidately!

Bullhorn Integration Filter by Job Submissions Statuses 🔊

Attention Bullhorn users! We have listened to your feedback and made significant improvements to our Bullhorn integration. With the latest update, you can now filter candidates based on their job submission statuses when importing them from Bullhorn. This feature enables you to quickly find the candidates you want to import, saving you time and streamlining your workflow.

These updates reflect our commitment to providing you with a seamless and productive experience on Candidately. We’re continuously working to enhance our platform and bring you even more valuable features in the future.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions you may have. We’re here to support your staffing agency’s success.

Client Notification Settings 🎛

You now have the ability to manage notifications for clients subscribed to list updates, deciding whether your clients are informed when a candidate is added to or removed from a list.

To modify notifications for specific lists, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "List Configuration"
  2. Select "Client Notifications"

With an Admin or Owner account, you can set company-widestandards for all future lists. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Click on "General settings" under "Shared List Configuration"

Date Added Visibility ⏰

You can now toggle the "Date Added" visibility for candidates. If you prefer to hide this field, you can manage this setting company-wide.

With an Admin or Owner account, you can set this company-wide. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Click on "General settings" under "Shared List Configuration"

Auto-Assigned Users 🪄

We're excited to introduce our new Auto-Assign feature, designed to improve clarity by automatically assigning collaborating users to lists based on specific actions. Actions that will trigger auto-assignment include:

  • Changing a list's status
  • Sharing a list
  • Adding a candidate
  • Updating a candidate's status
  • Messaging via the messenger feature

Other Enhancements 🛠

  • Tables support in text editor: We now support tables imported from Bullhorn for the recruiter note or long text custom fields.
  • Smoother Navigation: We improved the transition between candidate profiles when using arrows to make them load faster.

We are committed to making Candidate.ly a tool that works best for you. Your feedback is important to us.

Thank you for choosing Candidate.ly!

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply to this email.

Happy staffing!