May 8, 2023

Product Updates October

Benjamin Bartakovics

Ben is co-founder & Head of Product of Candidately.

We are excited to see the success that people are having with We try to keep in touch with all our customers to receive firsthand feedback and based on our conversations, we recently added some new features and improvements. Please keep reading to learn more.

Let's get right to it!

New list access restrictions 🔒

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This week we are introducing improved list access restrictions that give our users more control over who can access their lists and view candidates' CVs.

This are all the options that are now available:

  • Invite only (new): Only people directly invited can access the list. These list cannot be forwarded by clients.
  • List access restricted (new): When opening a list URL, people will need to enter and verify their email in order to gain access to it.
  • Anyone with the link (what we had so far): Anyone with a link to the list will be able to access it.

For each of these options our users can select whether only email verification is needed for people to view candidates' CVs, or if each CV needs to be requested in order to be viewed.

Revamped side menu ✅

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We updated the side menu so that it allows our users to sort and search all lists by name, client, or status.

  • Name: All lists are sorted alphabetically as in previous versions of
  • Client: Our users can see a list of all their clients that they've shared lists with. Clicking on any of them will expand the menu to show each individual list shared with them.
  • Status: Here our users can find sections for each list status (Active, Paused, Draft) and within them all lists are sorted alphabetically.

Ability to archive lists 📥

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Our users can now archive lists instead of deleting them to keep a record of client communication. Once archived, lists can be found in a new menu that comes up when clicking on the "Archived lists" button. In this menu, our users can find a search bar to look for lists and they also have the option to either permanently delete them or restore them at any time.

We hope this helps with keeping everything organized and makes finding lists easier.

List access confirmation 🧐

A new verification screen is now showing up when accessing a list through an invite.

Is this you

This allows end clients to check if they are accessing a list through the correct invite or if it was meant for someone else (e.g. the invite email was forwarded). It also has the added benefit of preventing the invite from expiring in case a client's email server has any "link checking" virus scanner.

Bullhorn: Extended field mapping 🐂

We've extended the field mapping capabilities of the Bullhorn integration by adding support for:

  1. Dates (timestamps)
  2. Numbers (integers)

Fields of these types can now be mapped to to any custom field in that matches the type.

This means that our users can now map even more Bullhorn fields to Candidate.lyones and have them be automatically filled in when syncing candidates to lists.

Various other improvements 🔧

General Improvements

  • We increase the file size limit for a CVs and additional files added via custom fields to 25MB.
  • Added more options to the candidate's availability dropdown.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions the messenger would show up for candidates that are still in draft state.
  • Added links across the platform that our users can click to go to the relevant help center articles for features.
  • Fixed several UI cosmetic issues.
  • Margins within the text editor have been harmonized to more accurately portray what will be displayed in the end.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the "Integration disconnected" notification from going out to the company account owners via email.

As always, if you have any feedback, we’d really like to hear it. By providing feedback, you are helping us figure out what features are most important to our users and what to ship next.