May 8, 2023

Why Your Staffing Website Needs a Chatbot

Jan Jedlinski

Co-Founder & CEO,

Chatbots are like virtual agents, in that they are both dialogue-based software which answers questions based on pre-programmed inquiries. Although, virtual agents are a lot more complex than a chatbot. Chatbots, in contrast to virtual agents, scan for pre-defined phrases and filter their responses based on the phrase that is detected.

Chatbots should absolutely be a part of your service make-up. They can help with a variety of different metrics, while saving you time and money that you might otherwise need to spend on live agents to answer questions and inquiries. Here are just some of the myriad ways that a chatbot can help your staffing business.

With a chatbot, you can automate certain mundane tasks which saves the time of your actual live agents to deal with more intense and complex tasks and problems that might arise. They save your recruiters time by gathering needed and necessary information by way of preprogrammed questions that can be answered. Thus, when your recruiters come to a task, they do not need to spend time gathering basic information.

In addition, they are also useful for candidates that are applying, because they are quick and easy to deal with. They can easily collect basic information from a candidate, speeding up the application process and allowing for your recruiter to “cut to the chase” when it comes time to the actual interview with the client – rather than having them spend time in preliminary interviews or questionnaires.

Not only do they save time, but they can speed up the recruitment process. After all, you can easily sift through applications to ensure that they meet the basic requirements of your recruitment process. That way, you do not need to spend time conducting preliminary interviews or other tests to ensure that you are finding qualified individuals to recruit. Instead, you know that you are getting qualified candidates that meet your requirements.

They are also a way for you to offer better customer service – for both candidates and potential clients. A chatbot can answer basic frequently asked questions about your business, its recruiting process, and questions about applications. Given that chatbots scan for pre-defined phrases and provide information based upon those, they can easily be programmed to answer frequently asked questions. Chatbots are a way to improve your customer satisfaction with prompt responses that do not require that you add on to one of your agent’s existing responsibilities (or hire another one altogether).

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