Bullhorn Integration

ChatGPT powered recruiters notes for Bullhorn

10x your submissions with ChatGPT powered candidate summaries
generated from the job description and candidate resume in Bullhorn.

How it works

Chat GPT-powered recruiter notes work by using the job description and candidate's resume from Bullhorn. The AI analyzes this data to create comprehensive summaries, highlighting relevant skills for each job submission

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the GPT Recruiter Notes feature work?

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The GPT Recruiter Notes feature utilizes advanced AI technology to auto-generate comprehensive candidate summaries. It highlights the candidate's most relevant skills and experiences based on the job description and their resume, directly extracted from Bullhorn.

Can I trust the accuracy of the auto-generated candidate summaries?

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The AI-powered GPT Recruiter Notes have undergone rigorous testing and training to ensure accuracy and relevance. The technology draws from a vast database of information to provide highly targeted and precise candidate summaries.

Do I need a Bullhorn account to try it out?

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Yes, you will need a Bullhorn account to try out the Chat GPT-powered recruiter notes. The AI technology leverages data from Bullhorn's job descriptions and candidate resumes to generate comprehensive candidate summaries, making the experience seamless and efficient within the Bullhorn platform.

Supercharge your submissions

Increase your team's productivity
with a fully automated submission workflow without leaving Bullhorn.

A headstart for your team

Boost submissions with ChatGPT-powered notes: Precisely highlight a candidate's fit with relevant skills for better results.

Consistent submissions guaranteed

Unify submissions, no matter your team's size. From two to two hundred recruiters, ChatGPT ensures all submissions meet top client standards.

Seamless Bullhorn Integration

Candidately seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn, enhancing your workflow with AI-powered recruiter notes. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free adoption.

More time for your Recruiters

ChatGPT-powered notes swiftly create candidate summaries, freeing up your recruiters' time for other essential tasks.

Loved by leading staffing teams around the world

Forward thinking Bullhorn users already create submission using ChatGPT.

Don't take our word for it.

See what happy clients say about us.

Matthew Banbury

Recruitment Operations Director at Pioneer Selection Ltd

“We’ve had really positive outcomes from it. It has helped our conversion improve. With Candidate.ly, we’re winning more business because clients whom we’ve introduced the platform to, prefer that so much more than using a standard CV submission.

Kevin Loomis

President / Kolbe Certified / Transforming Human Capital / Staffing

For all of the companies that aren’t quite sure it really is that big of a deal. If you want to scale, you want to take it to a different level, you want to stand out. Then yes, Candidate.ly is what you want”.

Sebastian Rümmelein

Manager at Flex Suisse AG

Just the time it saves, it has made it 3/4 times quicker to create a submission. Time is money to put it simply, and if you can do more in less time then it is easy to see how much it really is worth it to put money into this product. I can only recommend it”.

John Doe

Manager at Flex Suisse AG

Just the time it saves, it has made it 3/4 times quicker to create a submission.”

The client portal for Bullhorn

Candidately is the market leading client portal for Bullhorn. It reduces the busywork associated with candidate submissions and helps recruiters and account managers to create stunning candidate submissions right from within Bullhorn.

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