The Client Experience Playbook

To help you implement the right processes, technologies, and services to build a personalized and automated client experience and maintain a loyal client community, we have assembled the most important considerations in the "Client Experience Playbook".

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What is the Client Experience Playbook?

It is a comprehensive collection of strategies that will help your staffing firm future proof your client experience strategy. The framework outlines best practices, tools and services that will enable you to provide an exceptional experience for your clients at every touchpoint. With easy-to-follow guidelines and helpful tips by industry experts, you'll be able to improve your client experience level in no time!

1. Attract

First impressions are everything, and it’s crucial to always stay attractive as a company, and that starts with branding, messaging, a solid offering, and state of the art content strategy.


The second phase of the framework is the “conversion phase." This phase starts once a client confirms their interest in your services. It includes everything from identifying the right solution, negotiating contracts and pricing options to onboarding a new client, communicating the next steps, and managing expectations.

3. Collaborate

The third component is the “collaboration phase”. This phase starts when you submit the first candidates and includes the process of scheduling interviews and selecting the right candidate for the client.

4. Re-engage

The final component is about how you can re-engage clients and improve consultant redeployment. This phase starts once you made placements with your client and a consultant has been successfully deployed. You will want to focus on how the client's experience can be enhanced to ensure that they stay engaged with their new company and remain invested.

What are the advantages of enhancing your customer experience?

Improved customer satisfaction

Strengthening customer satisfaction helps staffing firms foster relationships with clients that lead to quality staffing placements and long-term business growth.

Competitive advantage

Engaging with feedback from clients and being attentive to potential new leads, will ensure that staffing firms can remain one step ahead of competitors.

Improve reputation

Having a good reputation is paramount for staffing firms. It will allow staffing firms to build long-term business relationships and help expand their client base over time.

Increased revenues

A good client experience leads to the repeat hiring of staffing services, as well as increased referrals.

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Client Experience Playbook

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