Add  background checks by KarmaCheck to your candidate submissions

Embed KarmaCheck’s  background checks on your candidate submissions and let your clients make more informed hiring decisions. KarmaCheck and Candidate.ly help you to place the right candidates faster.

Embed KarmaCheck’s background checks on your candidates' profile.

Leverage the results of your KarmaCheck’s background checks in your candidate submission process and present talent in a more attractive and complete way.

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Why choose KarmaCheck?

A “one-stop” solution, integrated with thousands of sources for background checks

Reduce passthrough fees on background checks

Mobile-first, so candidates can onboard anywhere at any time

Dashboard allows candidates and hiring agents to see the progress

About KarmaCheck

From background checks to employment and identity verification, KarmaCheck is the new truth layer for the Internet. Using best-in-class, proprietary technology and a candidate-centric model, KarmaCheck helps companies hire more efficiently and allows individuals to own their identities.

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About Candidate.ly

Candidately is the market leading client portal for Bullhorn. It reduces the busywork associated with candidate submissions and helps recruiters and account managers to create stunning candidate submissions right from within Bullhorn. Share candidates with clients as a link instead of attaching resumes to an email. Get faster client feedback, see when a client viewed your submission, increase client satisfaction and make more placements.

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Why choose Candidate.ly?

Fully integrated within Bullhorn

Instant client feedback

Workflow automations

Live analytics and real-time insights

“Candidate.ly continues to transform how candidate submissions are done, and our partnership with KarmaCheck further strengthens the capabilities we provide to our clients. KarmaCheck shares our focus on providing a candidate-first, client-friendly experience”

Patrick Jamal

Jan Jedlinski

CEO & Co-Founder of Candidate.ly

“Accelerating the talent experience is quickly becoming critical to employers who want to successfully attract talent. Since KarmaCheck shares in this vision, we’re thrilled to work together with Candidate.ly to deliver an overall faster and user friendly workflow to recruiters and employers.”

Lauren Hunter-Parrish

Eric Ly

Co-Founder & CEO of KarmaCheck

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