Seattle, WA

StaffingTec is a specialty information services, advisory, and consulting firm serving the staffing industry. StaffingTec provides a range of advisory and consulting services to empower your digital modernization journey. We maintain deep knowledge of the staffing technology landscape and the vendors that are offering the best solutions. Our trusted insights, expert guidance, and buyer support enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on your top priorities.

-StaffingTec Excellerator: The StaffingTec Excellerator gives staffing executives access to trusted insights, expert guidance, and buyer support so that they can select the right tools and providers, buy smarter, and optimize their technology investments with confidence.

- Staffing technology assessment: Your staffing tech stack is critical to your business success. A modern staffing tech stack is the foundation for growth, while legacy technology often drags down profitability. StaffingTec provides a complete and unbiased front-to-back assessment of your staffing and recruiting technology. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current state environment along with prioritized recommendations and actionable next steps.

- ATS and staffing platform selection services: We help you create a tech stack and ATS technology strategy, develop the business case, and provide a roadmap for selection, implementation, and deployment. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best staffing tech solutions for your staffing firm.

- Staffing technology podcast: Our podcast, Staffing Technology with Maurice Fuller, helps you stay on top of the rapidly advancing staffing technology landscape.

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