Gustav Technologies, Inc. Privacy Practices Frequently Asked Questions

Release date: Jul 19, 2021

What personal information does Gustav Technologies, Inc. collect?

‍Gustav Technologies, Inc collects varying types of personal information through its services and website, and receives some personal information from third parties. The information we collect or receive is purely commercial. For example, from users of our services we collect company email addresses, job titles, company names, and location. Through our website, we collect contact information, professional or employment-related information, and any other information provided to us by visitors to the site. Our website also automatically collects technical information like IP addresses and online activity through the use of browser cookies. For more information about how Gustav Technologies, Inc uses cookies, you can visit Section 13 of our Privacy Policy. 

‍How does Gustav Technologies, Inc. use or process personal information?

‍Gustav Technologies, Inc uses the information it collects for legitimate business and commercial purposes including providing and improving our services, for sales and marketing activities, and to ensure technical functionality. You can review a full list detailing how we use the personal information we collect in Section 8 of our Privacy Policy. 

‍Is the personal information Gustav Technologies, Inc collects secure?

‍Gustav Technologies, Inc maintains a comprehensive information security program that includes technical, physical, administrative, and contractual safeguards to secure our data throughout all aspects of transfer, storage, and processing. A comprehensive list of the technical security measures we employ to protect personal data is available here.

‍Does Gustav Technologies, Inc. sell personal information to third parties?

‍No. Gustav Technologies, Inc will never sell the personal information it collects through its services or website to third parties. With the event participant’s consent, Gustav Technologies, Inc. may share contact information of event participants with event sponsors. For additional information about sharing of event participant contact information, see Section 8 of our Privacy Policy.

‍Does Gustav Technologies, Inc disclose personal information to third parties?

‍In some cases, yes. Gustav Technologies, Inc primarily discloses personal information to third party service providers who perform certain functions on Gustav Technologies, Inc behalf necessary to providing our services.  Examples of service providers include cloud hosting providers, communications providers, and analytics companies. Our service providers must strictly adhere to Gustav Technologies, Inc policies restricting further sharing of any data they receive or access. For additional information about our information sharing practices, you can visit Section 8 of our Privacy Policy.

‍Does Gustav Technologies, Inc provide a mechanism for individuals to exercise their privacy rights or get more information?

‍Yes, individuals that live in jurisdictions that provide privacy rights such as California and the European Union, or who have questions about our privacy practices can contact us at Individuals seeking to exercise their privacy rights may be required to verify their identity. Employees of Gustav Technologies, Inc. customers seeking to exercise their privacy rights with respect to personal data collected through the use of our services will be directed to their employer (the controller of their personal data).

‍Is Gustav Technologies, Inc compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

‍Yes, Gustav Technologies, Inc. embraces a continuous commitment to maintain compliance with all applicable data protection laws, including the GDPR.  This includes requiring the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) in all of Gustav Technologies, Inc commercial relationships involving the transfer of personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Our intention is to ensure adequate protection of data transferred to us from Europe.

‍How long does Gustav Technologies, Inc store personal data?

‍By default, Gustav Technologies, Inc. stores its customers’ active employees’ personal data for the duration of the services contract term plus six months. Six months after the termination or expiration of a customer contract, all employee personal data is automatically deleted. Additionally, the administrator or authorized representative of any Gustav Technologies, Inc customer may request deletion of employee data (on an individual or aggregate basis) at any time.

‍Can I delete personal data or request deletion of personal data?

‍If Gustav Technologies, Inc. has stored or processed your personal data in relation to your use of the website or sales or marketing activities, please see Question 6 above for information on submitting requests to obtain, edit, or delete personal information. For users of Gustav Technologies, Inc services, our customer is the controller of your data and may delete data within the customer Gustav Technologies, Inc instance at any time.  If you are an active employee of a Gustav Technologies, Inc customer and would like to request, edit, or delete your personal data from Gustav Technologies, Inc, please contact your employer’s Gustav Technologies, Inc administrator for assistance.  Additionally, our customer may request permanent deletion of your Gustav Technologies, Inc user account at any time.  This would, of course, mean that you would no longer be able to benefit from the use of our software platform, so it is not recommended for active employees.  For former employees of a Gustav Technologies, Inc customer, the customer administrator may request deletion of the user’s personal data at any time. 

‍How does Gustav Technologies, Inc use anonymized customer data?

‍We use anonymized data, meaning aggregate customer data that cannot be associated with an individual or customer, to analyze usage trends across all of our customers, generate statistics, and establish benchmarks. Some examples are:

-5000 jobs were posted last quarter

-75% of our customers are using the KPI Tracking tool

-1000 messages were sent in May

We do not use, see, or share any piece of data that is specific to any employee. This data is solely for broad, aggregated usage across our platform to help us understand how our product is being used, make improvements, and generate additional value for our customers and platform users.

‍How can I get additional information about Gustav Technologies, Inc’s data privacy or information security practices?

‍Please do not hesitate to contact us at