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“We send a lot of resumes to clients, and it was very difficult to tell if they even saw it, it drove us crazy. With, we’re able to send candidates to clients and have an easier and faster way to get feedback. It speeds up the whole process”.

John Bemis

Founder, CEO


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About the client

Benchmark IT is a boutique IT consulting and recruitment firm based in Stamford, Connecticut. With over 16 years of experience, they have established a strong presence primarily within the New York tri-state area. The firm specializes in providing exemplary service, placing IT professionals in both contract and full-time positions.

The challenges

Although Benchmark IT had been successful, they faced some critical challenges. Their operations were hindered by a lack of real-time visibility on candidate resumes once they were sent to clients. Tracking whether a client had viewed a candidate's profile, let alone whether there was any feedback, was difficult. As a result, the entire recruitment process was often delayed, causing inefficiencies and communication breakdowns.

The solution emerged as an ideal solution to address these challenges. It provided a platform that enabled Benchmark IT to efficiently track when clients viewed resumes, which was a significant step forward. Additionally, it enabled prompt feedback from clients, making the recruitment process faster and more streamlined. A standout feature was the ability for clients to browse through Benchmark IT's pool of top available candidates directly from their website, which improved overall client engagement.

The results

The implementation of had overwhelmingly positive results for Benchmark IT. Clients appreciated the live chat feature, as well as the convenience of being able to download resumes directly from the platform. As a result, Benchmark IT experienced more efficient feedback loops, enabling the team to act swiftly on new information. This not only expedited the recruitment process but also enhanced internal communication within Benchmark IT, as everyone involved in the job order could stay updated on the progress in real-time.

What features do you specifically like?

Benchmark IT was particularly impressed with the quick feedback and improved internal communication. However, they were especially pleased with the enhanced candidate profile presentation made possible by the submittal system. This system allowed for the display of additional information about the candidate, creating a comprehensive and factual brief that added value for their clients. It ensured that every client received a clear, complete, and compelling picture of the candidate, thereby enriching the hiring process.

About the implementation

The transition to was made easy thanks to a robust support system that quickly resolved any minor technical issues. What made it even more seamless was the integration with Bullhorn, Benchmark IT's ATS. This interoperability allowed the team to migrate to smoothly, reducing the burden of adopting a completely new system.

How did your employees & client adopt to

Both clients and employees of Benchmark IT responded positively to Account executives found it easy to use for submitting candidates, while the rest of the team found the activity feed feature helpful for tracking progress. Clients appreciated the convenience and user-friendly interface. In addition, new clients received helpful training materials to ensure smooth onboarding.

Next steps in the future

Looking towards the future, Benchmark IT has expressed interest in exploring more advanced artificial intelligence features from This would expedite the process of candidate packaging. The company has also expressed interest in a potential resume reformatting feature, which could further enhance their candidate presentation capabilities and help the company reach even higher levels of efficiency.