Look how Fauve uses Candidate.ly to make candidate submission their competitive advantage.

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“Everything was manual, so Candidate.ly was going to be a big improvement and we knew the tool was going to keep getting more and more relevant with time as our needs would change and evolve”.

Fannie B.

Project Manager


use case

Candidate submissions


Executive Search

COmpany size

28 employees

About the client

Fauve is a leading executive recruiting company with offices in Montreal and Paris. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Fauve specializes in recruiting professionals for managerial and executive roles, primarily within Quebec and, more recently, in France.

The challenges

Before implementing Candidately, Fauve faced several challenges in its recruitment and reporting processes. Their previous methods were manual, relying on Word and Excel documents for client reporting. This approach was time-consuming and lacked optimization, making it difficult to scale and meet the evolving needs of their clients. Fauve needed a solution that could streamline their internal processes and adapt to their changing requirements as they expanded their services.

The solution

Fauve set out on a journey to find a suitable solution and ultimately chose Candidately after implementing Bullhorn, their ATS. They were attracted to Candidately's promise of continuous evolution and its ability to be customized to meet their specific needs. The team at Candidately worked closely with Fauve to ensure a seamless setup and customization process. They utilized Candidately's custom stages feature to tailor their recruitment and reporting processes to their unique workflows and client preferences.

The results

Since implementing Candidately, Fauve has witnessed significant improvements in their recruitment and reporting processes. Clients have responded positively to the platform, praising its user-friendly interface and ease of access to information. Internally, Fauve has seen a reduction in administrative time due to the automated features provided by Candidately. Additionally, insights into client interactions have improved, allowing for more informed decision-making.

What features do you specifically like?

Fauve's team found several Candidately features to be invaluable. The ability to create and move custom stages within the platform allowed them to seamlessly adapt to various client needs. Additionally, the insights gained from client interactions have been particularly helpful. Fauve also expressed excitement about forthcoming features, such as enhanced analytics and language-related customizations.

About the implementation

The implementation and setup process for Fauve was smooth, thanks to the collaborative efforts of their team and Candidately's experts. Fauve appreciated the attention to detail and the willingness of Candidately's team to address specific customization needs.

How did your employees & client adopt to Candidate.ly?

Fauve's employees enthusiastically embraced Candidately as it streamlined their workflows and made operations more efficient. Clients quickly adapted to the platform, finding it user-friendly and appreciating the improved communication and reporting processes.

Next steps in the future

Fauve is looking forward to the future with Candidately. They are excited about the upcoming features, such as advanced analytics and additional language customizations. They plan to further enhance their reporting capabilities and continue adapting the platform to meet their clients' evolving needs. Candidately has become an integral part of Fauve's recruitment strategy, enabling them to provide exceptional service to their clients while optimizing their internal processes.