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Look how NES Fircroft uses to make candidate submission their competitive advantage.

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“ has a user friendly interface, using is seamless with the usual process of tracking CVs. Seeing when someone has viewed the list and how long they spent reviewing a CV is very useful. It is helping us move away from an old process of attaching files to an email and being able to keep up with the times of technology”.

Ayden Forsyth

Managing Consultant

NES Fircroft

use case

Candidate submissions, Candidate Marketing


Engineering & Life Sciences

COmpany size

1500+ employees

About the client

NES Fircroft is a global workforce solutions business that has been providing staffing solutions since 1978. With 45 offices across 100 countries, they are a leader in the industry and specialize in staffing for the energy and life-sciences sectors. Their global reach allows them to connect businesses with talented individuals across borders, making them a valuable partner for companies with a presence around the world.

The challenges

NES Fircroft, a global workforce solutions business, faced recruitment challenges due to communication and submission gaps between clients with candidate portals and those relying on traditional methods. This disjointed approach led to inefficiencies and delays, resulting in a suboptimal experience for clients and candidates. NES Fircroft recognized the need to modernize their recruitment process to meet changing needs and also faced difficulties in scaling up due to the large number of clients and candidates. They realized the need for a more streamlined approach, beyond emails and traditional resumes.

The solution

NES Fircroft wanted to modernize their recruitment process and improve their service quality. To achieve this, they implemented, a system that automates and streamlines the recruitment process. allowed clients to access candidate information, provide feedback, and interact with the recruitment team easily. NES Fircroft ensured that the system was well-integrated with their existing technology and systems, and implemented it in a phased approach, starting with smaller customers before expanding to larger clients.

The results

NES Fircroft has achieved strong results with Both the company and its clients appreciate the platform's ease of use, streamlined process, and professional experience. The platform has eliminated inefficiencies and delays associated with traditional recruitment methods. It offers a more user-friendly and interactive experience for clients, allowing them more control and input in the recruitment process.

What features do you specifically like?

NES Fircroft finds useful for recruitment. The magic link feature helps integrate email with the candidate portal, especially for clients who are not comfortable with the portal. NES Fircroft appreciates the direct feedback process and ability to see when clients interact with candidates, making the recruitment process more transparent. is faster, more efficient, and offers a more professional presentation than traditional resumes, which has been well-received by both clients and candidates.

About the implementation

NES Fircroft successfully implemented, which seamlessly integrated with their existing technology and processes. The implementation process was well-planned and executed by starting with smaller customers and expanding to larger clients. The system's modern, easy-to-use recruitment platform provided clients with a clean and professional-looking interface to access candidate information and interact with the recruitment team. The streamlined process has improved NES Fircroft's recruitment process, making it easier to identify and move forward with qualified candidates.

How did your employees & client adopt to

NES Fircroft's adoption of has been a very positive experience. The platform is user-friendly, with a clear and concise interface that simplifies navigation. Its ability to integrate with email through the magic link feature is also a major plus. The platform streamlines the recruitment process, making it easy for global workforce solutions business like NES Fircroft to operate in multiple countries and time zones. The direct feedback feature allows for real-time communication, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. The positive feedback from employees and clients has made the adoption of a success, streamlining the recruitment process and resulting in more efficient and productive operations.

Next steps in the future

Looking to the future, NES Fircroft would love to see some reporting and enhanced KPI metrics and analytics. This would help them track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.