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“The results are tangible within a short time of using it. Your clients will have benefits and positive things to say about your own agency’s workflow and process”.

Frankie Leung

Global Account Manager


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About the client

Reesmarx is a global recruitment firm renowned for its commitment to providing tailored solutions across a wide range of industries. With an extensive network of qualified candidates, Reesmarx strives to match the ideal candidate with the perfect job role, satisfying the diverse needs of its international client base.

The challenges

The recruitment industry is renowned for its fast-paced nature. Reesmarx faced challenges in keeping up with the speed demanded by their clients while maintaining the quality of the candidates presented. The firm struggled with time-consuming submission processes, leading to extended client feedback times. As a result, their fill ratios were impacted, putting them in a competitive disadvantage.

The solution

To address these challenges head-on, Reesmarx turned to This cutting-edge solution offers the promise of substantial improvements in their candidate submission process. It reduces associated administrative tasks and enables recruiters to generate impressive candidate submissions directly within Bullhorn, their ATS. Moreover, allows the firm to share candidate details with clients through a link. This shifts away from the conventional method of attaching resumes to emails, streamlining communication.

The results

The transformation after implementing was impressive. Reesmarx experienced a significant reduction in submission and client feedback times. This improvement not only made their operations more efficient but also boosted their ability to fill vacancies faster, leading to a considerable increase in fill ratios. The distinct features and capabilities of gave them an edge over their competition.

What features do you specifically like?

Reesmarx is particularly enthusiastic about the live analytics and real-time insights offered by These features empower the firm to monitor client activity in real-time and make prompt, data-driven decisions that align with their operational objectives. The workflow automation features are also highly regarded, as they have significantly streamlined operations, saved valuable time, and enabled the firm to focus on what they do best - connecting candidates with appropriate job opportunities.

About the implementation

The integration of with Reesmarx's existing Bullhorn system was executed smoothly and without any issues. The interface of is intuitive and user-friendly, making the transition and setup process effortless and non-disruptive to the daily operations of the firm.

How did your employees & client adopt to

The launch of received overwhelmingly positive responses from both employees and clients at Reesmarx. Employees appreciated the platform's simplicity and efficiency, which streamlined their work and made it less cumbersome. Clients, on the other hand, appreciated the more seamless communication process and faster feedback times brought about by the new system, resulting in increased client satisfaction.

Next steps in the future

Looking ahead, Reesmarx has concrete plans to continue leveraging to enhance their operations further. The firm is eager to explore new features and updates that will continue to streamline their processes and increase the value they provide to their clients. The significant improvements they've experienced with have paved the way for a future where their recruitment services are even more efficient and customer-centric.