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"I wanted to provide my clients with a convenient option for tracking candidates, rather than having to keep track of all the emails, and they really enjoy it. I have been receiving more detailed feedback from my clients, I’ve been receiving the feedback a lot quicker and we’ve also used it for business development efforts and have seen positive results”.

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About the client

Established by Alison Norris, the Dentele Group is an innovative recruitment agency that focuses on non-clinical positions within the healthcare and dental industry. Their mission is to provide their clients with a stress-free, organized, and efficient recruitment process. Alison's philosophy as the CEO of the Dentele Group is to bring a concierge approach to recruitment, offering a personalized and detail-oriented service to all their clients.

The challenges

Before discovering, the Dentele Group faced multiple challenges in managing their candidate submission process. Their previous methods, mostly using emails, were time-consuming, disorganized, and inefficient. This made it difficult to provide the high-quality service they aspired to give. They required an effective solution that could streamline their operations, increase productivity, and improve client satisfaction.

The solution

In her search for an efficient solution, Alison discovered, an intuitive client portal software designed to streamline the hiring process. Alison was drawn to's straightforward and user-friendly interface. Despite not being particularly tech-savvy, Alison was able to set up the entire system herself, without the need for an implementation team. This self-service setup proved invaluable, allowing Alison to customize the system to her specific needs and preferences, while also saving valuable time.

The results

Since implementing, the Dentele Group has seen tangible benefits and significant improvements in their recruitment processes. The agency now receives more detailed and faster feedback from clients, allowing them to optimize their processes. Additionally, the platform has proven to be an effective tool for business development efforts. By easily sending multiple candidate options to prospects via, Alison's agency has enhanced its service delivery, resulting in a noticeable increase in client satisfaction.

What features do you specifically like?

Alison's favorite feature in is the ability to create custom fields. This gives her the freedom to add elements such as 'video interview' links or fields for 'additional documents requested'. This feature allows Alison to integrate the unique aspects of her agency's concierge-style approach directly into the software. She is able to provide a personalized and comprehensive experience for her clients, a feature she considers key to her successful client relationships.

About the implementation

The implementation and setup process for were designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Despite her limited technical background, Alison found the process not just manageable, but easy. She managed to set it all up without any assistance, underscoring the accessibility and simplicity of the platform.

How did your employees & client adopt to

The implementation of was met with positive feedback from both the Dentele Group's internal team and its clients. The platform's streamlined process and intuitive design have made it simpler for clients to interact with the recruitment process. They've gained an improved understanding and insight into the hiring process, leading to quicker, more detailed feedback and a more collaborative hiring experience.

Next steps in the future

Alison envisions an exciting future with She looks forward to the introduction of a custom booking link feature. This would provide clients the convenience to schedule interviews directly on their calendar, further streamlining the process. With the continuous development of, the Dentele Group is ready to incorporate any new features that could enhance their client's experience even further, ensuring the agency's position at the forefront of innovative recruitment solutions.