Look how TWELVE10 uses to make candidate submission their competitive advantage.

Book a Demo is my best kept secret, it differentiates us from the competition, so I want to do well enough to stay in business but I don’t want it to go mainstream. Client feedback has been phenomenal, they love it from an admin perspective, from a quality perspective, from a speed perspective. It’s just a cool product. It’s so good. It’s just great. Don’t use it, keep it for me”.

Daniel Woodhall

Founder, CEO


use case

Candidate submissions


Venture Capital / Startups

COmpany size

2 employees

About the client

Twelve10 is a boutique search firm that focuses on high-growth, venture capital-backed startups across the United States. They provide exclusive executive search services and take pride in the quality of their offerings. The founder of the firm, Daniel, values an efficient and streamlined process over cumbersome administrative tasks.

The challenges

One of the major challenges faced by Daniel and his team was the large number of administrative tasks involved in the recruitment process, particularly in relation to candidate submittals. Other challenges included a lack of alignment between the firm, internal recruiters, and hiring managers, as well as diluted feedback from clients due to communication issues.

The solution

The solution was, a tool that streamlines processes and seamlessly integrates with Twelve10's existing ATS, Bullhorn. allows the team to bypass administrative tasks, such as manually typing up notes, as it pulls all relevant information from Bullhorn. The tool also facilitates direct communication with hiring managers, promoting transparency and providing faster feedback.

The results

Using resulted in positive feedback from clients, who appreciated the professional, high-quality presentation of candidates. It also increased the efficiency and speed of communication between the firm, clients, and hiring managers. Both clients and the team at Twelve10 appreciated the convenience of having all the relevant information readily available in a candidate's profile.

What features do you specifically like?

The tool's standout features include the ability to directly pull information from Bullhorn, reducing manual input, integration with a video interview platform, and the possibility of direct communication with hiring managers. The activity feature is also highly appreciated, as it provides insights into clients' engagement with candidates' profiles.

About the implementation

The implementation and setup of proved to be an incredibly efficient process. It smoothly integrated directly with the organization's pre-existing ATS software, Bullhorn. The platform was designed with an intuitive user interface, which made it remarkably user-friendly. This was of great benefit during the setup process, as it was key to fostering a smooth adoption among the entire team, irrespective of each individual's technological proficiency.

How did your employees & client adopt to was found to be user-friendly and highly beneficial for both employees and clients. The Twelve10 team appreciated the reduced administrative load, while clients enjoyed the easy access to detailed candidate information, including video interviews. The clients also highlighted the tool's mobile optimization and the customized, branded portal provided by

Next steps in the future

Following the success of, Twelve10 plans to continue using the tool in their recruitment process. The company aims to further leverage the tool's features, such as analytics and direct communication with hiring managers, to increase their efficiency and service quality. This is part of their approach to stay ahead of the competition and deliver high-quality services to their clients.