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“For all of the companies that aren’t quite sure it really is that big of a deal. If you want to scale, you want to take it to a different level, you want to stand out. Then yes, Candidate.ly is what you want”.

Kevin Loomis


Xyon Global

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Candidate submissions


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About the client

Founded in 1999, Xyon Global is a Recruiting and Consulting firm that is Kolbe™ Certified. Our 'people-centric' focus originated from the tech sector and expanded into the multifamily real estate industry. Our sweet spot lies in fast-growing entrepreneurial companies that need pivotal C-Level and fast ramp employees.

The challenges

Xyon Global chose Bullhorn as their new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to streamline candidate management from sourcing to submittal. Bullhorn was chosen not only for its market position, but also for its compatibility and seamless integration with their existing tools. As a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner, Candidate.ly stood out as the ideal option to present candidates to clients.

The solution

Candidate.ly has emerged as a game-changer in Xyon Global's workflow. The platform's exclusive features and smooth integration with Bullhorn have particularly stood out. Candidate.ly has significantly enhanced the candidate presentation process and improved efficiency throughout the recruitment cycle.

The results

Xyon Global's transition to Candidate.ly was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from their clients. Although initial resistance was anticipated, the platform's ease of use and great features soon gained favor. The integration with Bullhorn was seamless, and Candidate.ly reduced the need for cumbersome email threads, effectively streamlining communication for everyone involved.

What features do you specifically like?

Kevin, the President at Xyon Global, was particularly impressed with Candidate.ly's "at a glance" feature. This feature enabled him to access all relevant candidate details, such as resumes, recruiter notes, and other information, in a single place. Additionally, Candidate.ly's user-friendly nature, which eliminates the need for extensive technical knowledge, also received high praise from Kevin.

About the implementation

The implementation process was painless, thanks to the personal support from the team at Candidate.ly. This level of assistance underscored the value that Candidate.ly places on its clients, making it one of the most straightforward integrations that Xyon Global has experienced in its history.

How did your employees & client adopt to Candidate.ly?

Although there was some initial skepticism, clients were quickly won over by Candidate.ly's efficiency and user-friendly interface. All client responses are now efficiently channeled through Candidate.ly, and the data is seamlessly integrated into Bullhorn. This enhances the overall client experience and improves service delivery.

Next steps in the future

In an effort to enhance its services, Xyon Global has expressed its desire for more comprehensive reporting and analytics features. By tracking key metrics, Xyon Global believes that it can gain valuable insights to inform its scaling strategy.